Tom Foolery


When Tom isn’t building custom gaming PC’s, creating web projects or figuring out new ways to void warranties on every electronic device imaginable, he’s doing something involving video games. Playing, streaming, talking about, writing about or just simply thinking about games is what consumes most of his free time. Tom is responsible for the design and development of this website, constantly pushing himself to find new ways to improve it. He also has a background in video editing, multimedia production, live streaming, graphic design, podcasting and writing.


Mira Mortal


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Mira is a multi-talented badass creative force of nature. When she’s not kicking butt in MMA class or learning how to fight with sticks, she’s using nearly all of her free time to write, draw, color, letter and edit comics. A storyteller at heart, she can fire off quality ideas at a rate that would make an Uzi blush and turn in pages just as quickly. We’ve never known Mira to not be juggling about 3 projects at once! For real girl, if you’re reading this, take a bubble bath or something. She also has a background in graphic and layout design, editing, proofreading and branding.




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An enigmatic bloke from across the pond, D.N.S has been illustrating for most of his adult life. The style and grace with which he lays down inks to the page is truly something to behold, and the end results speak for themselves. We’re truly thrilled to have D.N.S as a part of our scrappy little ragtag crew here, and he’s not only completely finished illustrating a new horror comic that Mira wrote, but he’s been producing original art prints that are on sale now on the MortalDream Shop! He also takes commissions, in case you want something custom to adorn your walls in his unmistakable style.