It has been a busy couple of years in both life and comics, where there is a first time for literally everything.
The Servant trade (first trade I’ve lettered) is out as of April from King Bone Press, Made-Up: Zombie Clown Circus with John “JAR” Rodriguez (first of ours to be picked up and published) is doing well at Source Point Press, and I currently have two books in production with a third in the wings. This is exactly how I like it. Some back-pocket ideas are staying in the back pocket for now, but that’s all good as well.
Another first: this year I was commissioned to write a script. I completed the work in March for an all-ages book promoting healthy living for kids called Health Heroes; characters and story by Eric Meredith. That was a fun exercise for me, working from someone else’s concept and existing characters. A few phone calls to go over my notes and Eric’s direction, and I was able to deliver what he asked for. 10/10 would do it again.

What now?

Turns out I really like horror. As I write this, artist and forever friend DNS is drawing from a script I wrote earlier this year. A teen slasher set in the 80’s (first collaboration together)! We’re not ready to talk about too much, but he’s making some really, really cool pages. The plan is to try and find it a home with a publisher, but we are totally down to Kickstart this thing. I should be able to talk about it a bit more soon, but for now we’re just doing what we do.
On top of all this after-hours biz, yet another first for me: my day job is now as a writer. Not comics, but there are many ways to turn a phrase, and I am here for it!
Holla soon,
PS: How about those fancy new biz-nass cards, eh?