Have a picnic they said. It will be fun they said.

Set in the 1980’s, DOLL ISLAND is an unabashed homage to teen slasher films of the same era.

Located off the coastal beaches of an idyllic small town, a fabled island draws the curiosity of a tight-knit group of friends. Considered nothing more than a local ghost story, hardly anyone in town gives more than a passing, shuddering thought to the strange dolls nailed to the thick, ancient trunks of the darkly wooded little isle. The depth of its tragic history, lost to time and the indifference of its neighbors, has allowed a nameless, deadly sadness to take root and grow among the forest, unchecked. Armed with nothing but a picnic lunch and a youthful enthusiasm for a macabre locale, four friends unwittingly put themselves in the path of the island’s long-isolated and long-forgotten groundskeeper.

DOLL ISLAND is where ignorance meets violence, and it’s all up to the final girl to make her escape… or die trying…

This book has the jump factor, it’s so jarring… like ‘Whoa! What just happend?’ and I like that, books don’t tend to do that… but this one did. “

Bueller, Comics with Bueller

Mira’s pacing and narrative nails the “slow-burn” tempo and gives the reader texture to the horror…. In short, the writing is brilliant. D.N.S.’s dark yet incredibly coherent visuals are the perfect accompaniment for Mortal’s tale. It is a gorgeous book!”

Eric, The Pullbox


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