How long can this go on?

A psychological tale intended for a mature audience, SPLIT is a dark slice of life that follows a mother and her children in very serious trouble. It begins with a tragic event, and carries us through the after-effects that ripple beyond the year that follows. The family has folded in on itself to cope, but their sustained isolation seems to be doing more harm than good.
Written by Mira Mortal & Illustrated by John Rodriguez.

“Like the old episodes of The Twilight Zone or Night Gallery, SPLIT digs at your soul and sends shivers down your spine. The more I ponder this story, the more horrifying and ultimately sad I realize it is.”

Greg, The Pullbox

“It isn’t until the last few pages of the story that you begin to piece everything together, and things start to fall into place. This is done perfectly by the creative team, giving just enough to grip you, then when you can’t take waiting anymore, you get the dark and gritty climax to this heartbreaking story.”

Jay Webb, Points of Interest Podcast

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